Conflict between Church and Science

The relationship between church and science is one of the commonly debated issues in our societies. As history may describe it, the church has often been a sponsor of sciences.В However, numerous conflicts between church and science have been witnessed since time immemorial. To understand most of the conflicts between science and church, it is wise to know the key difference between these two issues.

Religious beliefs and teachings are quite separate from scientific findings. Science is known to deals with the study of Mother Nature. When it comes to religion institutions, they deal with faith and base their revelation from a deity. Religion clarifies on the existence of a God who created and manages the universe. The main conflict between church and science is usually based on areas where they both overlap. Hence, they often hold any conflicting situations.

Many times, religious people feel that their own religion is the best and true, whereas science is deeply imperfect belief systems that are devised by error-prone people. Such attitudes are known to fuel most of the conflicts between science and church. These conflicts have escalated to hatred, condemnation and mass crimes to mention but a few consequences of the conflicts.

Cosmology, astronomy and geology are the core areas where a lot of conflict between science and church is evident. Here many scientists, astronomers and philosophers have been listed in the historical books. Georgius Agricola [1494-1555] is considered the founder of geology and he paved a way for systematic study of the earth. He was a German catholic who make contribution in the geology field. Copernicus was the first Renaissance astronomer and catholic clergyman to formulate the widely acknowledged heliocentric cosmology. This is the theory that displaced the Earth from the center of the universe. Galileo Galilei is the other catholic scientist who helped promote the Copernican heliocentrism model, but was later suppressed by The Inquisition. He is known as the inventors of the modern science and helped overturn the idea of geocentrism. Galileo was condemned and sentenced by then Pope Urban VIII.

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The Catholic Church has been a great supporter of astronomy, a field that has made it easy to produce and design its calendars. While tackling conflict between church and science, Nicolaus Copernicus is a name that will hit minds of many people. This is not all. There are many other areas where conflict between church and science is evident. These areas are medicine, human sexuality, linguistics to name but a few.

Catholic Church is widely acknowledged for preaching more on the need of scientific research and to be informed. Hence, such actions have helped in promotion of Christian ethics. The advent of modernist divide in Christianity, religious liberals have accepted scientific finds and have incorporated them into theology. In this sense, to help avoid conflicts or overlaps between church and science and avoid stagnation we need to adapt to change. Due to modernity, we no longer believe that earth is flat, sun goes around the earth or mental illness and lightening are caused by work demons.В Change is inescapable at the current age.

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